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The DOS Vault

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This is a collection of DOS programs that I have written in the 1980's and 1990's. Some of them have never been published before.

Note that lots of text files in the below archives use Unix text format with a single LF as line separator. This is because many tools that I used on DOS back then were originally written for Unix. Most of the programs below will accept DOS files, but output Unix files.

[ Programming]

––––==[ T3X/0 ]==–––––––––––
DOS package: see the T3X pages
Source code: included (T3X/0)

A compiler for the T3X/0 programming language. T3X/0 is an extended subset of T3X R7, a small, portable, procedural, block-structured, recursive, and almost typeless programming language. Its programs run without modification on DOS, CP/M, and various flavors of 32-bit Unix. T3X/0 compiles to bytecode or native code (Z80, 8086, 386). Cross compilation is supported on all platforms (except DOS->Unix and CP/M->Unix).

––––==[ T3X R7 ]==–––––––––––
DOS package: see the T3X pages
Source code: see the T3X pages

A compiler for the programming language T3X, Release 7. T3X is a small, portable, procedural, block-structured, recursive, almost typeless, and to some degree object-oriented programming language. Its programs run without modification on DOS and various flavors of Unix. It compiles to bytecode or native code (8086, 386, AXP 21064). Cross compilation to DOS is supported on all platforms. The package includes a tiny text-mode IDE. The source code (in T3X, with a little C and assembly) is distributed under the 2-clause BSD license.

––––==[ T3X/86 ]==–––––––––––
DOS package: see the T3X pages
Source code: included (T3X/86)

A fast and tiny compiler for a subset of T3X (T3X9) that compiles directly from T3X to a stand-alone COM file. The compiler is itself written in T3X9 and bootstraps in a few minutes on a 4.77MHz IBM PC. The archive also contains an assembler for a subset of the 8086 instruction set that is used to compile the built-in functions of T3X/86. Of course the assembler also compiles with T3X/86.

[ Games ]

––––==[ 3S ]==––––––––––––––––––
DOS package: 47KB
Source code: included (T3X)

3S is short for "Simplicistic Sokoban Surrogate". It is a text-mode version of the famous "Sokoban" game that can be played on monochrome or color text terminals. It offers unlimited undo and level replay, i.e. you can step through your solution once you have solved a puzzle. The original Sokoban levels are not included, but you can easily import level files found on the web. The package does include the Sasquatch set by David W. Skinner. Thanks for the permission!

––––==[ Nah-Jongg ]==––––––––––––
DOS package:   31KB
Source code:  28KB (Turbo C, TASM)

A simple, no-frills version of the well-known "Mah-jongg" game that runs in MCGA mode (320x200, 256 colors) and provides mouse control and unlimited undo. Written in Turbo C with an MCGA driver in assembly language.

––––==[ GunBlaster ]==––––––––––
DOS package:    25KB
Source code: 34KB (BASYL II, TASM)

A simple artillery game in MCGA mode (320x200, 256 colors) with SoundBaster sound. Two players try to hit each other's location with a cannon. Also offers a single-player and training mode. The game features adjustable gravity (Moon, Mars, Earth, Jupiter) and wind conditions. Some combinations are weird (in an interesting sense!) to play. :)

[ Applications ]

––––==[ DOS XPLORER ]==–––––––––––––
DOS package: 84KB
Source code:  57KB (Turbo C, TASM)

An unobtrusive, menu-driven command interface. Basically a command line interface with history that allows to copy values from a file listing. Some additional functions: copy/move files, recursive directory removal, quick CD, directory tree, file finder, file viewer (ASCII, hex, ROFF), two-window mode, default actions based on file extension, etc. This program was started in AUTOEXEC.BAT on my DOS machines. :) This program requires Whitney Software's excellent xspawn library, which you can download here.

––––==[ Node ]==––––––––––––––––
DOS package: 83KB
Source code: included (T3X)

Node (Nils's Own DatabasE) is a small, menu-driven, easy-to-use database program and report generator that is intended for maintaining small sets of records, like address books, member lists, etc. It it limited to 1024 records per database, so it might not even be suitable for cataloging your CD collection. :) Node has special settings for 64x18 mode on HP palmtop computers.

––––==[ VBE ]==–––––––––––––
DOS package: 26KB
Source code:   19KB (Turbo C, TASM)

VBE (Visual Bitblock Editor) is a simple, keyboard-controlled bitmap editor that I used to create bitmaps and fonts for all kinds of programs, like those in the games section on this page. The program still has some rough edges, but you can use it to examine and modify the bitmaps of the games, if you like to.

[ Meta ]

––––==[ PC Emulator ]==––––––––––––––––
[PC Emulator]
DOS package: not available
Source code: pcemu-nmh.tgz 127KB (C, POSIX, optionally X11)

This is David Hedley's PC Emulator with a few modifications made by me and others. I like it because it is small yet pretty complete. In the past years I have added/fixed hard disk support, changed the config file format, and added lots of command line options. PCEMU runs in text mode (using Curses) or in an X11 window. It emulates an 80186 processor and a text-only VGA adapter. You will have to supply your own copy of DOS. For obvious reasons, there is no DOS package for this program. :)

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