A Microscopic LISP system

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KILO LISP 22 is a small interpreter and REPL for purely symbolic LISP. It is derived from the even smaller Kilo LISP. Its source consists of 30K bytes of comprehensible code (24KB T3X + 6KB LISP) and it runs in 80K bytes of memory, i.e. it could run on 16-bit systems with separate I+D space or as a small-model DOS program. Despite its small size KILO LISP 22 offers:

The code should compile with any T3Xr7 compiler. A DOS EXE file (20K bytes) is provided in the source code archive.

Language-wise, KILO LISP 22 looks suspiciously like Common LISP, but there are some differences and influences from Scheme. It is a LISP-1 that makes a lot of use of tail recursion. Function names and most special forms are LISPy, CAR/CDR of NIL is NIL, T is true, and NIL is false. Some trivial Common LISP programs will probably just run in KILO LISP 22.

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