A Kilo Byte-Sized LISP System

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Kilo LISP is a small interpreter for purely symbolic LISP. Its source consists of 25K bytes of comprehensible code (20KB C, 5KB LISP) and it runs in 64K bytes of memory. There is also a version for CP/M that is written in T3X and runs in 48K bytes of memory. Then there is a slightly larger and more Common LISP-compatible version that needs 80K bytes of RAM. And there is KLSYS, which is a bit bigger, written in itself, and even more compatible to Common LISP. Despite its small size Kilo LISP offers:

The code should compile with any C89 (K&R2/ANSI/ISO) C compiler. It even compiles with Turbo C 2.0 or SubC and with K&R (pre-ANSI) C when using unproto. The CP/M version requires T3X/Z version 13 or later. The interpreter does not use any stdio functions and compiles to a static executable of

Language-wise, Kilo LISP is a LISP-1 using tail recursion to implement iteration. It is a bit like Scheme, but using more LISPy syntax and function names. See the manual for details.

Since some of you have discovered the book: it is a retro-style, overpriced hardcover edition for my own personal amusement only and contains nothing that cannot be found on this page!

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