KLSYS — A KiloLISP System

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KLSYS is a LISP system: a virtual machine running KiloLISP. Everything except for some very basic functions is written in KiloLISP, including the compiler, reader, printer, macro expander, etc. KLSYS is derived from KiloLISP 22, but aims to be even more compatible to Common LISP given the constraints imposed by its fundamental design. In particular it is a LISP-1 (it has a shared namespace for variables and functions). KLSYS offers:

The code consists of about 3000 lines of KiloLISP and about 2000 lines of ANSI C (C89). There are some extensions (like reading single keys from the keyboard or measuring time) that require POSIX extensions to C89, but they are optional.

KLSYS is currently considered to be stable and its author is regularly using it in various projects. It is not actively developed at this point, but bug reports are welcome and appreciated.

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