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LISP9 Reference Manual

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LISP9 is a LISPy dialect of Scheme or a Schemy dialect of LISP that I use for experimenting with bytecode compilation. It is a LISP-1 with tail call elimination and low-level macros. Emphasis is on functional programming. There is no call/cc (but catch/throw). T is true and NIL is false. Keywords are terse. LISP9 compiles to abstract machine code that is faster than Scheme 9's. In fact its compiler is an improved version of the S9-Reimagined compiler.

To compile the LISP9 system, an ANSI C (C89) compiler is required. There are no other dependencies. The LISP9 source code is in the public domain (or, where this concept does not apply, distributed under the Creative Commons Zero license).

The LISP9 reference manual is contained in the distribution archive (lisp9.txt), but a printed copy can be ordered at Lulu Press, if you prefere to read it on paper. The manual can also be read from within the LISP9 system by using the "help" function.

LISP9 is discussed in detail in the book LISP System Implementation. Here is a copy of the LISP9 sources from the book with fixes to the errata.

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