A Toolkit for Implementing Dynamic Languages
	By Nils M Holm, 2015-2018
	In the public domain

	S9core is an easy-to-use toolbox for designers of programming
	languages. It frees the implementor from re-inventing the wheel.
	It is a single-file collection (plus some headers) of functions

	- a garbage collected heap

	- bignum (arbitrary precision) integer arithmetics

	- platform-independent real number arithmetics

	- garbage collected I/O ports

	- persistent heap images

	- etc

	S9core is available on all platforms providing a C89 compiler
	as well as on Plan9 (native).

	See the documentation in s9core.txt for further details.


	Building S9core is part of building S9. Running "make test"
	will test the S9 interpreter and thereby also perform a
	thorough test of the S9core functions.

	To use S9core in your project, there are two options:

	- copy the files "s9core.c", "s9core.h", and "s9import.h" to
	  your new project directory and just compile and link S9core
	  against the other files

	- #include <s9core.h> and (optionally) <s9import.h> in your
	  project and link against libs9core.a

	If you want to include the S9core files in your project, note
	that you can compile s9core with

		cc -DTEST -o s9core s9core.c

	to obtain an executable that will perform a quick self-test
	when called. It will not print anything when the test succeeds
	and print some diagnostic message and exit with a failure code

	Feel free to include S9core in any project you like. It's in
	the public domain.


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