Nullmodem Cable

In order to transfer files to the NC100, you will need a nullmodem cable, i.e. a serial cable, DB9 male on the NC100 side, with the RXD/TXD, RTS/CTS, and DCD/DTR lines crossed):

 FG ---------- FG
TXD ---------> RXD
RXD <--------- TXD
RTS ---------> CTS --+ Shunt these, if the NC100 can
CTS <--------- RTS --+ receive, but cannot send data
 SG ---------- SG
DSR <--------- DTR
DCD <--------- DTR
DTR ---------> DCD
DTR ---------> DSR

A three-wire connection will not work! Use a proper cable! An FTDI or PL2303 USB<–>serial cable should work fine.

If the NC100 cannot send data (which is necessary for the XMODEM protocol to work, even when only uploading to the NC100), try shunting pins 7 and 8 (RTS/CTS) in the connector on the NC100 side. There is a picture at the end of this page.

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