An Introduction to
Statistics with Klong


This is an introduction to the statistics module of Klong. It assumes that the reader already is familiar with basic concepts of statistics, such as the mean, variance, probability distributions, probability functions, regression, and hypothesis testing. Some keywords in the text link to entries of NMH's Incomplete Dictionary of Statistics (in PDF format), so they can be looked up when needed.

Klong is an array language, like APL, J, and K. If you are not familiar with it, have a look at the documentation. Note: this text requires the new (past-2017-11-19) Klong version, which uses an extended syntax.

The statistics module is called nstat, but since visualization is an important part of statistics, we also load the function plotter (nplot) and the interactive plotter interface (vplot).


In the following code samples, user input is indented and interpreter output is not indented, e.g.:


In the sample programs presented in this text, a common configuration file for setting up plotter parameters is used.

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