SRAM Cards for the NC100


In order to install CP/NC, you will need an

These cards are still being manufactured, but you might have to dig a little! Pretec (and their resellers) definitely sell these. Make sure you get an 8-bit card! A 1024KB card costs about 65 EUR ($70). Smaller cards are not much cheaper.

Why is there no Card Image?

Of course, just writing an CP/NC image to a card and slapping it into the NC100 would be a great way to install the OS!

Unfortunately, SRAM card drives are expensive! You may have seen some cheap PCMCIA card drives being sold in the Internet, but look closely! Somewhere in the fine print, they will state that they cannot read SRAM cards! If you want to know the price tag of a card drive that can read and write SRAM cards, look for an "Omni Drive Pro"!

So, unless there is real demand for SRAM card images of CP/NC (and someone donates a drive! :)), you will have to use XMODEM for installation!

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